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TWO EXPERIENCED SCENIC ARTISTS NEEDED FOR FOUR WEEKS ON LOCATION IN VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. JOB REQUIREMENTS: People highly skilled with faux painting techniques are needed to help create several staged environments on a tight schedule. Work to be done includes outside walls. Must be able to direct an assistant. Must be able to pass drug […]


FOUR SCENIC PAINTERS NEEDED FOR TWO WEEKS ON LOCATION IN VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. JOB REQUIREMENTS: People familiar with faux painting techniques are needed to help create several staged environments on a tight schedule. Work to be done includes outside walls. Must be able to take direction and work quickly. Must be able to pass drug […]


  The Properties Artisan has a wide range of skills, including sewing, sculpting, carpentry, and experience in crafts. This role is responsible for construction of items and soft goods for use in the entertainment industry. The Properties Artisan can willingly adapt to evolving job responsibilities. This position requires the ability and willingness to work with […]


  The Sewing Craftsperson has experience using a sewing machine, and also knowledge of sewing and crafting processes. This role is responsible for construction of curtains, drapes, soft scenery pieces, and other soft goods items for use in the entertainment industry. The Sewing Craftsperson can  willingly adapt to evolving job responsibilities. This position is for […]


  The Scenic Charge Artist is responsible for the safe and timely planning, execution, and completion of painting and finishing of all projects. In conjunction with Project Managers, the Scenic Charge Artist manages budgets and coordinates schedules. This position requires advanced skills in all types of scenic painting, finishes, and sculpture as well as proven […]


  We are looking for a skilled Welder/Fabricator. You will operate appropriate equipment to put together mechanical structures or parts with a great deal of precision. Your job is important as it provides the foundation for strong infrastructure. A welder must be competent in using potentially dangerous equipment following all safety precautions. The ideal candidate […]


  We are currently looking for a full-time Theatrical Lighting Technician to join our team, for immediate hire. We specialize in the design and install of new theatrical lighting, rigging systems, scenery fabrication as well as the sales and install of curtains and stage lighting fixtures/accessories. A  background in entertainment lighting required. Scenic Solutions is […]


  The Carpenter/Fabricator is responsible for project construction while under general supervision. The Carpenter/Fabricator will perform basic carpentry, is expected to have knowledge of hand and power tools, can read and comprehend blueprints, and can utilize/read measuring equipment. This position requires pushing, pulling, and overhead reach. Experience in fabricating theatrical scenery, cabinetry, mill work, or […]


Contact: Mary Beth McLaughlin, Scenic Solutions LLC Email: Phone: 937-866-5062 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   BISHOP BRINGS THIRTY YEARS OF TECHNICAL THEATRE EXPERTISE AND PASSION FOR QUALITY TO THE SCENIC SOLUTIONS TEAM. Dayton, Ohio, June 28, 2021 – Scenic Solutions is pleased to welcome Veronica R. Bishop as Senior Project Manager. This is a new position […]


Contact: Mary Beth McLaughlin, Scenic Solutions LLC Email: Phone: 937-866-5062 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   A MANDATORY PANDEMIC SHUTDOWN ALLOWED SCENIC SOLUTIONS TO FIND NEW GROWTH DURING THE UNCERTAIN TIMES OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY’S “INTERMISSION.”  Dayton, Ohio, March 1, 2021 – After a year of industry uncertainty, Scenic Solutions stands ready for the entertainment industry […]

Matt “Motts” Tabor, Project Manager

Motts grew up in Cleveland and his family is part of Cleveland’s Hungarian-American population (at one time, it was estimated that Cleveland was second only to Budapest for the largest concentration of Hungarian people.) “I’m fluent in Hungarian. I grew up speaking both Hungarian and English at home. I attended Hungarian school and Hungarian Scouts […]

Jon Lamm, Lead Install Technician

Just out of Wright State University and fresh from The Zoot Theatre, Jon Lamm joined Scenic Solutions in June of 2012. Eight years later, Jon is still with us as our Lead Install Technician—and we keep him busy! Over the past year Jon has accomplished twelve major installs, as well as various minor installs, repairs,  and […]

MacKenzie Perin, Fabricator

MacKenzie joined Scenic Solutions a little over a year ago, right after graduating from Wright State University. This first year at Scenic Solutions brought a number of new experiences, including working as part of our install crew for the Blue Man Group’s North America Tour.

Kate Santucci, Artisan

Just over a year ago, Kate Santucci joined Scenic Solutions to work as an artisan in both softgoods and in our paint department. At the time, we were building floats for Royal Caribbean’s Anchor’s Aweigh! parade. Kate says, ” I did a LOT of quilting last year when we were building the parade floats–super fun! […]


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), have designated the guidelines for Ohio to get back to work. For the past six-weeks, the Scenic Solutions’ team has done its part to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Now that we’re back to work we will continue to follow CDC and ODH guidelines to […]

Using Fast Food to Discover a Culture

COVID-19 Stay-At-Home orders have forced all of us to see our lives through a new lens. In this article, Scenic Solutions’ Art Director Josh McEwen looks at how the fast food he’s encountered, while on the road for international client installs, has given him the opportunity to look at other cultures through a new lens.

Bringing the Light Back to the Schuster Center

This summer, we were proud to partner with Victoria Theatre Association on a very special project: replacing and updating the dome and architectural accent lights that are part of the house lights for the Mead Theatre in the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton, Ohio.

J.J. Slanker, Crew Member

This week, we’re celebrating J.J. Slanker’s Scenic Solutions anniversary. Whether working at Scenic Solutions, or with the Local, J.J. is an asset on the crew with a sunny disposition and a subtle expertise. We’re so glad she’s part of our team!

Lighting Equipment: Focus on the Long Term

Our Lead Service Technician, Jon Lamm, is on the road every week helping our clients to update their facilities with better lighting and rigging equipment. He recently shared this: “Always focus on your infrastructure. In the long term, this will serve you the best. It’s worth the biggest investment. Getting new lights that do pretty […]

Josh McEwen, Art Director

Yesterday we celebrated Josh’s ‘Sweet Sixteen’ — Josh has been with Scenic Solutions for 16 years. Like many of us, his theatre experience started in high school. He earned his BFA in Theatre Design and Technology, with a dual emphasis in Costume Design and Scenic Art, from Wright State University. Prior to joining Scenic Solutions, […]

An Ounce of Prevention…

October is National Fire Prevention Month. For theatre professionals, the fires at the Iroquois Theatre in 1903, and the Station nightclub one hundred years later, are cautionary tales that illuminate the work we do to keep our colleagues and audience safe. As magical as it can be for our patrons, any performance space is an environment filled […]

Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

  Who’s afraid of the dark is an appropriate question to be asking as we approach the season of ghosts, ghouls, and assorted monsters knocking at our doors demanding their sweet tribute. In the performing arts industry, we all know the value of the perfect blackout. But as theatre professionals, we are the guardians of our […]

Fire Suppression in the Theatre

As theatre professionals, our goal is to provide our audience with an enjoyable—and safe—theatre experience. Knowledge of our theatre’s fire suppression systems is essential. If you’ve worked in a proscenium theatre, you’ve been exposed to some of the specialty fire equipment that’s used. Current systems can be one type or a mix of the systems outlined […]

Curtains, Scenery and Flame Retardant Fabric

  Today is Fire Prevention Day, a good day to think about flame retardant and how it relates to our industry. The information presented here is based on standards from the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA) and industry best practices. It’s important to note that following these guidelines may not be enough to meet the […]

When Things Go Bad

Many of the fire safety practices and regulations we have today are a direct result of a past theatre tragedy. Two such tragedies are Chicago’s Iroquois Theatre fire in 1903 and the 2003 fire at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island. Both of these events killed hundreds of people and serve as examples of how […]

Is Your Theatre Safe from Fire?

October is National Fire Prevention Month. At home, we might think about maintenance on our smoke detectors, or teaching the kids to stop, drop, and roll. But as theatre professionals, it’s our duty to make sure our colleagues (working both onstage and offstage) and our guests (the audience) enjoy a safe experience while gathering in […]