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Dayton, Ohio, March 1, 2021 – After a year of industry uncertainty, Scenic Solutions stands ready for the entertainment industry to come out of pandemic hibernation. While waiting, Scenic Solutions has used the time to make capital investments in new tools and machinery. Time and money have also been invested in Scenic Solutions’ employees. And the leadership team has taken the pandemic year to refine the company’s service offerings to better represent what the company does, and to appeal to a wider range of clients.

“We were totally shut down for six weeks at the start of the pandemic,” says Mary Beth Mclaughlin, co-owner and CEO of Scenic Solutions. “That time, working from home, gave our leadership team the rare opportunity to discuss and refine our services. We’ve realigned our business to provide better, more efficient products to our clients.”

In the realignment of the business, three distinct service lines emerged: Scenery, Sales, and Systems. Scenic Solutions has long been a leader in providing client-oriented scenery fabrication, and for providing the best combination of brands and product lines to balance quality and budget. With the refinement of service offerings, Scenic Solutions has codified the work they’ve done with systems.

Systems, short for Theatrical Systems Integration, encompasses the type of projects that Scenic Solutions has done in bits and pieces for years as an authorized dealer for several top theatrical brands. In 2019, the company showcased their expertise by collaborating on the construction of Kettering (OH) Fairmont High School’s new auditorium. For this successful project, Scenic Solutions managed the purchase and installation of the lighting system, the rigging system, pit covers, and the orchestra shell. Recently, Scenic Solutions partnered with the Dayton (OH) Art Institute to design a versatile architectural lighting system that allows the operator to “paint” the museum’s exterior walls in color schemes that coordinate with holidays, specific programs, events, or displays. Currently, Scenic Solutions is collaborating on two spaces at the Dayton Arcade. Just completed is an event space in the Arcade’s Rotunda where Scenic Solutions installed a lighting system that provides elegant static looks as well as versatility, creating added value to destination event rentals. Upcoming is a lighting installation for the Arcade’s Tank, a high-tech theater-in-the-round created in the lower level underneath the Rotunda.

“It’s a no-brainer for us to take the company in this direction,” said Dan McLaughlin, co-owner and President of Scenic Solutions. “We’ve always been able to provide great solutions for theatrical systems integration. We’re excited to have formalized our expertise into a service that we can offer to theatre consultants, general contractors, and anyone else who needs to bring theatrical systems into their facility. Our commitment to client satisfaction will make this an unbeatable product.”

In many ways, the pandemic has forced change. The companies that are able to use that change to grow will be the ones that survive. Scenic Solutions has used the past year to ramp up their infrastructure, their services, and their people. They are ready for whatever challenges 2021 brings, and they will be successful.

Founded in 1996, Scenic Solutions is a family-owned company with a family-oriented culture based on equity, diversity, and inclusion. A full-service manufacturing shop, Scenic Solutions also has the expertise you need for success on stage space construction or renovation and is an authorized dealer for many entertainment industry brands and product lines. Scenic Solutions: providing peerless service, equipment, and expertise to clients world-wide. www.ScenicSolutions.com


If you would like further information, please contact Mary Beth McLaughlin at 937-866-5062 or MaryBeth.McLaughlin@ScenicSolutions.com.