19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Josh McEwen, Art Director


Yesterday we celebrated Josh’s ‘Sweet Sixteen’ — Josh has been with Scenic Solutions for 16 years. Like many of us, his theatre experience started in high school. He earned his BFA in Theatre Design and Technology, with a dual emphasis in Costume Design and Scenic Art, from Wright State University. Prior to joining Scenic Solutions, he did a few brief stints at local community theatres where he learned to do as much as he could with as little as possible. Today, Josh is our Artistic Director, but he also does some project managing, some painting, some carpentry, some drafting, and (as he says) “a little light house-work.” Josh’s parents are both retired school teachers, and they gave him a love of learning. Josh says, “I like growing. Working at Scenic Solutions provides a lot of variety–I don’t do the same thing two days in a row. I learn daily how much I don’t know, filling that void the best I can in preparation for the next day. I keep my eyes and ears open. I read. It may sound silly, but I watch a lot of YouTube. My job at Scenic Solutions is very much about discovery and growth, and I don’t know of many jobs that could be more appropriate for me.” We agree. Josh is brilliant at his craft.