19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

J.J. Slanker, Crew Member


This week, we’re celebrating J.J. Slanker’s Scenic Solutions anniversary. J.J. has been a Scenic Solutions overhire for the past 2 years. “For me, being an overhire is the right way to go because I just can’t sit in one place for very long. I tried being in an office for 15 years and I just can’t do it. I’d rather be happy than rich.” J.J. also works as a stage hand at various venues in the Dayton region. “They put me wherever they need me, but Electrics is my happy place.” She started her theatrical career as a member of the Muse Machine.* From high school, J.J. attended Sinclair Community College and the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. “Scenic Solutions is really good to me, allowing me to be flexible in my employment. I like to be able to do the stage hand stuff, and I love to get out and meet new people.” J.J. had her chance to do that earlier this year when she traveled to the Spencer Theater in Ruidoso, New Mexico. She was there to deliver and install the set for the international tour of The Wizard of Oz (built by Scenic Solutions). Whether working at Scenic Solutions, or with the Local, J.J. is an asset on the crew with a sunny disposition and a subtle expertise. We’re so glad she’s part of our team!

*Sidenote: Muse Machine began in 1982 as a way to encourage high school and middle school students to make the performing and visual arts a vital part of their lives. Starting with twenty Dayton-area middle and high schools, Muse has grown to serve 76,800 students across central and south western Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.