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Theatre in our Schools: 2019

The Educational Theatre Association and the International Thespian Society have partnered with the American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE) to sponsor Theatre in Our Schools (TIOS) Month in March to raise public awareness of the impact of theatre education and draw attention to the need for more access to quality programs for all students. We think this is a movement worth supporting, because nearly all of us here at Scenic Solutions had our first experiences with theatre when we were children at school. 

Just like basketball and other sports, putting on a play requires collaboration and communication. It teaches teamwork, and builds team spirit. It creates learning experiences that benefit the student for the rest of that person’s life. Putting on a play creates opportunities for students to take initiative, demonstrate leadership, and more. So this month, go to a game and cheer the team. But also go to a school play and cheer the actors.

While schools need to teach science, technology, engineering and math, kids also need to learn self-confidence, self-worth, creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. What subject naturally incorporates such a broad range? Theatre! Participating in theatre requires teamwork, without requiring athletic ability, and it develops team spirit. You can help kids get a better education by supporting #TheatreInOurSchools.

This month, we also celebrate all those teachers out there who give their time so that their students can have the experience of putting on a play or a musical. Thank you teachers!

Want to learn more? Visit the website at and discover ways that you can raise awareness about theatre education in your community!