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Element 40 




Designed for venues using primarily conventional lighting, the Element control console provides the powerful features of the Eos system in an economical and simplified package. In addition to keypad commands, True LTP Channel Faders provide hands-on control of intensity and can be used to set manual levels and edit recorded cues and submasters. Moving Light Controls are available to facilitate the use of conventional accessories like moving mirror heads, color scrollers or gobo rotators, or to make controlling small numbers of moving lights simple and direct. Element can be backed up by another Element, ETCnomad™ 1024 dongle or ETCnomad Puck™1024 mini-computer.


  • 1,024 Outputs
  • 250 Channels
  • 40 fader versions, pageable as channel orsubmaster control
  • User Definable Direct Selects
  • User Configurable, interactive Magic Sheets
  • Master Playback pair with 60mm faders, Go, Stop/Back
  • Intensity, Focus, Color and Beam Palettes
  • Stepped, Relative and Absolute Effects
  • Six Color Pickers and Gel Picker for LED, CMY color mixing
  • ETCNet2™, Net3™/ACN, ArtNet and Avab UDPoutput protocols
  • Show import from Obsession®, Express™, Expression®,Emphasis®, Congo® , Cobalt®, Safari, Strand 500/300 Series, Grand MA1 and Grand MA2
  • Distributed DMX, MIDI, SMPTE and contact closure viaNet3 Gateways
  • OSC Transmit/Receive
  • UDP Transmit/Receive
  • Support for multiple languages, including English, German,Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)




  • 1,024 Outputs/Parameters
  • 250 or 500 Channels
  • 10,000 Cues
  • One Cue List
  • 4 x 1000 Palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
  • 1,000 Groups
  • 1,000 Effects (relative, absolute or step)
  • 1,000 Macros
  • 1,000 Snapshots
  • 1,000 Color Paths
  • Supports two external DVI monitors or one Display Portmonitor with a minimum of 1280×1024 resolution, which may also be touch- or multi-touchscreens
  • Solid-state hard drive
  • USB ports for flashdrives, pointing devices, keyboards


  • All show data may be viewed on one or two external Views may be expanded across both from easily- accessed front-panel controls. Three user-configurable workspaces per display, with split screen/sizing controls
  • The Central Information Area accesses:
    • Browser
    • File Management
    • System Setup
    • Network Configuration
    • Show Data Utilities
    • Printing
    • Record Target Lists
    • Patch functions
    • Help
    • Six Color Pickers and Gel Picker
    • On-Demand Moving Light Controls
    • Electronic alpha keyboard
    • Command Line
    • Selected Cue
    • Error messages and advisories
  • Channel Displays
    • Live channel summary or table view
    • Blind cue, palette and submaster views in list, channel,table and spreadsheet formats
    • Flexi-channel to determine which channels to display
    • Zoom allows user to define how many channels are viewed
    • Color-coded intensity levels indicate direction of move
    • Color-coded non-intensity levels indicate change fromprevious state
    • Graphic differentiation of moving lights, single-parameterdevices, unpatched channels and deleted channels
  • Magic Sheets
    • User-definable interactive display layouts
    • Images and symbols may be imported
  • Patch Views
    • Patch by channel
    • Patch by address
    • Patch by Device List (RDM)
    • Assign proportional patch value, curve, preheat valuefor intensity
    • Swap pan and tilt
    • Invert pan and tilt
    • Custom fixture editor
  • Playback Status Display
  • Graphic representation of cue list status and past andfuture cues
  • Cue List Index
  • Effects Editor
  • Group Editor
  • Park Display
  • Dimmer Monitoring


  • Master Playback crossfade pair with two 60mmpotentiometers, Go, Stop/Back and Load buttons
  • Grand Master with Blackout
  • Playback fader controls include:
    • Timing Disable
    • Off
    • Release
    • Manual Override
    • Rate
  • A maximum of 300 submasters (additive or inhibitive) viaintegral faders


  • On-Demand Moving Light controls include labeling andcurrent parameter value on connected display monitor
  • Flip and Home functions
  • Parameters selectable on screen for mouse-based ortouchscreen control or command-line actions


  • May be set to play background or foreground
  • Startup and shutdown Macros

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 8 in