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Jesse, Carpenter and Metal Worker

Today, we’re welcoming a new employee, Jesse.

During his first two years of high school, Jesse enjoyed working in the wood shop. When funding for shop classes was cut, Jesse transferred his carpentry skills to his high school drama group and worked as a member of the stage crew. It was an easy progression to move into community theatre, and during the summer he would build platforms, wagons, and various props for the Springfield Arts Council and their productions. For each show he built, he also worked backstage. Payment for his work came in experience, long-lasting friendships, and great memories.

After high school, Jesse was uncertain where he wanted to go in life. Being a very responsible person, he was quickly promoted to Assistant General Manager at a local Chipotle–but he found the work unfulfilling. Luckily for Scenic Solutions, he was convinced by a couple of his friends to leave the food industry. He is fast becoming an essential member of the Scenic Solutions team.

Jesse has the skills to work not only in our carpentry shop, but also in our metal shop–which he really enjoys. He says, “Something about loud noises and sparks flying gets my blood pumping! I enjoy the work, the environment, and the people I work with. Totally different atmosphere coming from the food industry. It’s nice to be in a place where your coworkers have your back and want the company to succeed as much as you do.”

When not working, Jesse admits to being somewhat nerdy–he enjoys playing Magic the Gathering and other video games with friends. He also spends time enjoying the sun with his dog while they play epic retrieval challenges. He’s a young man who knows how to have fun, but also knows how to get the job done within the deadline. We’re so glad he found us! Welcome Jesse!

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