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Jeff Heater, Shop Manager / Charge Artist

Though this month marks Jeff Heater’s 2-year anniversary as a full time Scenic Solutions team member, he first worked with company owners Dan and Mary Beth McLaughlin in 1993 when the Dayton Ballet built a new version of the Nutcracker. In addition to being a scenic artist, Jeff has been a technical director, a set designer, a stage hand, and a prop master for various community and professional theatre companies and venues. Currently, Jeff acts as shop manager / charge artist for Scenic Solutions. Jeff attended Wright State University where he earned a BFA in Theatrical Design and Technology with a focus on Design and Painting. Jeff says, “I’ve been a carpenter and painter for as long as I can remember. I started college as a Fine Arts major, and then switched to Technical Theatre so I could put my skills to work.”

Because of his skills, we often send Jeff out on jobs that require an artistic eye and a steady paint brush. He is very adept at working with our cruise ship clients. “I’ve really enjoyed being able to travel, and to have some opportunities to see what it takes to build a cruise ship. Traveling half way around the world and buying paint in Singapore was an amazing experience. I had to remind myself that I was actually working! We’re lucky to get to do what we do for a living, and I don’t take it for granted!”

Outside of Scenic Solutions, Jeff has a very active life. “I love music and movies and sampling cocktails–which is another great bonus to traveling around the world! Weather permitting, I love to be outside gardening and working in the yard. I have a studio in my house where I’m trying to spend more time painting for leisure–which is sometimes hard when you spend the whole day thinking about painting scenery!”

Artistic, with a dry sense of humor. That’s Jeff. We’re glad to have him on the team!