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Jana Bateman, Shop Stage Manager

This month, we welcomed a new member to our team, Jana Bateman, our shop stage manager. Though she’s not a stage manager in the traditional sense, she helps to keep the Scenic Solutions team organized the way a traditional stage manager keeps a production on target.

Jana understands the importance of getting the job done. She grew up on a dairy farm. As a child, she was involved in 4-H, the FFA, and showed Holsteins at various dairy shows. After earning her degree from the University of Missouri, she was a substitute school teacher for 15 years. And she’s been an active and successful Boy Scout leader since 2006—both of her sons are Eagle Scouts.

At the end of her third week on the job, Jana told us she’s getting great personal satisfaction out of making sure our office is organized. “This doesn’t necessarily sound all that exciting, but catching up on that first pile of receipts that needed entering into the system was extremely rewarding. I believe my dedication and willingness to ask questions, while learning on-the-job, will help me the most. And everyone here has been a tremendous support. I knew immediately that this was going to be a great group to work with.”

“Being the shop stage manager is not what I was specifically trained to do. But having raised two kids, maintained a household, all with a hectic school and Scouting schedule I know how to roll with the punches and be adaptable to changes.”

And that’s exactly what we needed. Welcome Jana!

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