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Gabby Luhn, Scenic Artist

We recently welcomed a new member to our team, Gabby Luhn. Gabby is a painter. Typically, this scenic artist paints on a canvas she can easily move herself. But at Scenic Solutions, she’s working on a much larger scale. “I’ve always been really into painting,” she told us. “I grew up doing it, and teaching myself the skills I know today. I came to Scenic Solutions to broaden my knowledge of painting and use my skills on a bigger spectrum. It’s really cool seeing everything else that goes into it, though. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working in the theater field, but it’s really rewarding seeing how something can come from nothing, right in our building!” One of the first projects Gabby worked on was a 20-foot tall brick wall that we built for one of our clients. “It went from looking like cardboard to an actual brick wall! It was super cool to see the transformation.”

When we asked Gabby what she enjoys about working at Scenic Solutions she said, “I really like getting to use skills that I already have and also learning a lot more, every day!” Gabby has been stretching her knowledge by working in our soft goods and carpentry departments. “I really enjoy being in soft goods and sewing!”

When she’s not painting, Gabby works as a bartender in Dayton’s Oregon District. It’s a safe bet that she earns good tips because she has outstanding people skills. Welcome to the team, Gabby!