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Elsie Bradley, Scenic Artist

Elsie Bradley is a recent addition to our team. She comes to us from Wright State University where she studied music performance before transferring to the Theatre Design and Technology program. Elsie is a scenic artist, but she also has the skills to work in our soft goods shop.

Though Scenic Solutions is her first professional credit in the entertainment industry, she has always been an avid painter. “I’ve really enjoyed learning new painting techniques with Jeff and Josh,” she told us (referring to Jeff Heater our charge artist, and Josh McEwen our art director). “Jeff is a good instructor and has such a vast knowledge of painting techniques that I really just try to be a sponge and learn as much as I can. I especially love mixing paint colors.”

Her work at Scenic Solutions has taught her how to manage her time and approach projects from a new perspective. “I love the challenges that every new project brings, and figuring out how to tackle them.”  Which is fortunate, because this is one busy woman.

“Outside of Scenic Solutions, I have lots of hobbies. I do ceramics, crochet frequently, sew costumes, and bake. I play D&D with my friends, and I’m forever on the hunt at antique shops and thrift stores.” She sings in a band, plays the harp, and has spent time performing traditional Irish dance. “And I make perfect chocolate eclairs.”

With all these artistic skills, Elsie will always have a place in the entertainment industry. She is fast becoming a valued member of our team. Now if only we can convince her to bring in those chocolate eclairs…